Sunday, August 16, 2015

Nintex task form - How to redirect user to site home page rather than workflow task list

In Nintex workflows when a flexi task is assigned to any individual or a group in a an email notification informing task assignment is sent to respective user/users that a task requires an action to be performed. When a user actions that task Approves or Rejects the task, be default user is redirected to task list. User lands in the task list all items view by default after action-ing the task.

This is not a desired flow in most of the scenarios. In order to redirect user to the home page of the site after the task action is done here is a quick workaround:

Open "Assign Flexi task" in the workflow for whichever task assignment it is required. In the "Task Notification" tab click on the textarea of the notification message and select Edit HTML source from the ribbon. replace

"{Common:ApprovalUrl}" with  "{Common:ApprovalUrl}&source={Common:WebUrl}"

Now SharePoint will redirect user to the home page after the task item is actioned rather than the task list.

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